The following are sample information/intake forms that may be of assistance to places of worship and families approaching a new church.  Such forms provide a means of communication between the place of worship and the family.  This can help provide the best inclusion environment for the individual with special needs or a disability, as well as connecting other family members to their own desired services.  All documents are in PDF format.

Family Information Form & Special Needs Information Form
Developed by the All Are Welcome Project

Special Connection, Our Family Notebook for Respite
Developed by Family Connection of South Carolina, Inc.

Sample Respite Registration Form
Developed by Breathe Respite & Key Ministry

Special Needs Application
Developed by Seacoast Church, Won by One Ministry

Special Friend Intake Form
Developed by Brookwood Church

What You Need to Know About Me
A Notebook for Families and Caregivers
Developed by the South Carolina Respite Coalition, et. al.